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We use this page to post to our blog, as well as to share articles from roofing manufacturers and other roofing industry leaders. 

Thermograph of Wet Insulation on Commercial Roof.jpg

Roofing Technology

Tags: Technology; Commercial Roofing

Technology within the roofing industry has advanced dramatically within the last 10 years. This post is going to review some of the new technology and how it can be utilized for roofing purposes.

Author: Paul J. Petkosh, RRO

GAF TL AS II - Class 4 Impact Resistant Roofing Shingles On Residential Home

The Impact-Resistant Shingles to Consider in Hail Prone Regions

Tags: Hail; Impact Resistant Shingles

Homes in hail prone areas can benefit from the added protection that impact-resistant shingles provide. This article dives into impact-resistant shingles.

Author: Karen L Edwards (GAF)

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