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Commercial Roofing Partial Reroof

Commercial Roofing

Roof Replacements - tear off down to the deck and replace the existing roof with a new roofing system.


Roof Repairs - almost all commercial roofs will need them at some point. Repairs can fix physical damages like cuts and punctures, address defects that have appeared after years of weather exposure, or flash in new penetrations.


Roof Recovers. Skip the tear off and leave your existing roof in place. Recovers let you install a new roof over your current roof as long as it meets all of the required criteria to qualify for a recover.


Roof Maintenance - Generally performed as Preventative Maintenance which is designed to minimize or eliminate problems before they can occur. 

Roof Restorations. Most of the time this is what roof coatings are referring to. These are generally liquid applied products that add new life to your existing roofing membrane. Some roof restorations incorporate a fully reinforced layer within the coating, which results in a fluid-applied roofing system instead of a "simple" roof coating.

Support Services

Support Services are functions that support the development, planning, or managing of roofs or roofing assets. This can include things like inspections, assessments, design services, design and spec review, detail review, roof drawings, etc.

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