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Roofing Questions? We Have Answers.
Check Out Our FAQ:

What Is A Roof Recover?

A Roof Recover is the process of installing a new roof over the existing roofing system. The existing roofing system is left in place, followed by the installation of a separator (typically a board or a sheet) in most cases, and then the new roofing system is installed.

Why Is Hail Damage Bad For Shingles?

Hail damage, or any other impact related damage, is detrimental to shingles for several reasons. The first is that strong impacts will displace the granules from the shingle. The granules are the surfacing that protects the shingle and gives the shingle it's color. The loss of the granules exposes the asphalt, which will then be exposed to the sun's UV radiation. This UV exposure will break down the asphalt, leading to accelerated aging and premature failure of the shingle. The second reason is that strong enough impacts can fracture the shingle, which gives water a direct path to get below the shingle, which can lead to failures of the roofing system's underlayment and/or roof decking.

How Do I Know If I Need A New Roof?

There are several reasons that might lead to you needing a new roof. These are going to differ somewhat depending on if your building is residential or commercial, so we’re going to focus this answer mostly on residential roofs. Damage.  This is a very common reason that can lead to a residential roof replacement. This can be damage from wind, hail, falling trees, etc. Age. All roofs have a limited useful life. Roofing materials, particularly shingles, have seen advances in technology in the last decade, leading to longer useful lives. However, all roofs will eventually reach the end of their useful life and need to be replaced. Signs of advanced aging on shingles can include loss of granules, exposed fiberglass or organic reinforcement, loose or missing shingles, and major discolorations. Performance. If your roof is not keeping water out, then it is not performing. Water getting into the roofing system can lead to leaks, rotted wood decking or other components, damaged attic insulation, and inadequate or potentially unsafe indoor air quality. If you are noticing any of these common issues, there is a good chance that you might need a new roof. You should have your roof inspected by a trusted roofing contractor to assess the condition of your roof and provide you with recommendations.

What Are The Types Of Commercial Roofs?

There are several different categories of commercial roofing, and each of these categories has different types within it. The main categories of commercial roofing membranes in use today are: Built Up Roofing (BUR), Modified Bitumen (Mod Bit), Single Ply, Fluid-Applied, and Metal. Built Up Roof Types: - Hot Mopped Asphalt - Cold Applied Asphalt - Coal Tar (Pitch) Mod Bit Roof Types: - SBS (a type of asphalt that is modified with rubber) - APP (a type of asphalt that is modified with plastic) Single Ply Roof Types: - TPO - PVC - EPDM - Others (CSPE, PIB) Fluid Applied Roof Types: - Acrylic - Silicone - Urethane - PMMA/PUMA - SEBS - Polyurea Metal Roof Types: - Exposed Fastener Panel System - Concealed Fastener Panel System

How Long Does It Take To Roof My House?

This depends on the size of the house - most houses with roofs under 5,000 sq. ft. can be completed in one day.

What Are Some Common Residential Roof Defects?

- Blistering - Cupping/Buckling - Improper Nailing or High Nailing (aka "Shiners") - Loose or Missing Shingles - Granule Loss - Physical Damage - Poor, Improper, or Missing Flashing

Can Homeowners Insurance Help My Damaged Roof?

Yes. That's the short answer. The longer answer is that it really depends on what kind of damage is assessed following a storm, and what kind of insurance policy and coverage that you have. Examining your deductible is also highly recommended to ensure that you are making the best economic decision based on all of the information. We can help walk you through the process if you think that you have roof damage following a storm that produces hail or high winds.

Can Roof Shingles Be Repaired?

Yes, shingle roofing systems are able to be repaired. Individual shingles however, are generally not repairable and must be replaced with new shingles.

What is the Best Commercial Roof?

There's really no "correct" answer to this one. Every commercial low slope roof should be designed to meet the unique challenges of that specific roof. If there was an actual answer to this question, that's the only type of roof we would be installing!

What is the Best Roof for a House In Rockwall?

Rockwall doesn't really have any conditions or restrictions that would lead to one roof being significantly better than another. Shingle roofs, metal roofs, slate roofs, clay tile roofs, and low-slope roofs (TPO, PVC, EPDM, Mod. Bit., etc.) will all perform well in Rockwall.

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