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Roofing Updates!

We use this section of the website to provide updates and news relevant to the roofing industry and our customers. This is where we list things like potential or confirmed hail storms, how large any reported hail is, tornado sightings, material updates and manufacturer information, and other things that are important within the roofing space. If you have something that you'd like to see included as an update topic, please let us know!



HAIL - Yes, it happened again. North Texas got hit by hail for a second consecutive night on 6/13/2023. Depending on the area, hailstones as large as 4" in diameter were reported. 



HAIL - North Texas was hit by a pretty large storm on 6/12/2023 that produced plenty of hail.  Depending on the area, hailstones as large as 5" in diameter were reported. Just for reference, 1" hail, equivalent to the diameter of a US quarter, is widely considered large enough to cause damage. 1.50" hail, roughly the size of a ping pong ball, is enough to cause significant roof damage. 2.5" hail, equivalent to the size of a tennis ball, is more than capable of producing bodily harm. 4.5" hail is roughly the size of a grapefruit and is able produce holes in car roofs and penetrate directly through residential roof shingles AND roof decking. Stay safe out there and call us if you need an inspection or any other help!

Image courtesy of National Weather Service/NOAA

Hail Size Chart



MANUFACTURER NEWS - According to a press release from Holcim, parent company of Elevate (Formerly known as Firestone Building Products), the Swiss company has acquired PVC roofing material manufacturer Duro-Last Roofing. You can read more about the acquisition here.

Duro-Last Roofing
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